Monday, December 22, 2008

how to make money selling food

To sell food you must be able to start with a small amount of money and some energy. but what you really need is a way to get ahold of people, it doesn't have to be something fancy that you have to put money in it can be: flyers, word of mouth (which works fine for me), relatives, people from work. Get creative youd be surprised how many people are willing to buy food expecially if its delicious. Sometimes i just go to apartment complexes and go do to door.

Talking to people
this is a very important thing, alot of time people tell me not thanks untill i say something like "its real delicious, youll love it trust me" if it has some real apetizing ingridients you can even be like ex: "its made with corn and cinnamon" or if it has a good value you can say "its two for a dollar" or something like that. giving them good deals and been able to present your product has alot to do with sell. dont just be plane and boring. people can sense your mood a boring mood doesnt sell anything. so when you go sell dont just be like "do you want to buy cookies?" add more to it make it look and sound better than what it is. Also, dont lie and be honest with what you say and money because people remember you and if you sell good in one place your gonna be able to go back and sell again, you and your product make a reputation.
A good investment can range from 10$(which i know a recipe you can do that will generate about 100$-120$) to anything around 50$. you dont wanna spend to much incase you cant sell it fast enough before it spoils.(also when your selling be sure the product and the price are reasonable it better to sell more and faster than trying to get rich of one cookie, you get me?
What kind of products can i sell?
theres many simple products such as cookies,tamales(this require quite a bit of labor but well worth it), ceviche, other kind of pastries. just remember you have to keep track of how much you spend and your profit. you want to be making atleast a 40$ profit whhich is the lowest to a 100$ or 200$ profit. it works because i do it trust me.